There was one incredibly special gig I played with Horns Become Halos when I was 14 years old that completely changed my outlook on music. It was our album release show, and there was this intoxicating feeling of hearing the lyrics to songs we wrote being screamed back at us from the darkness of the sold out hall. Looking back on it now, it is, without a doubt, the single most important experience I have to look back on as a musician. It not only serves as a reminder of how wonderfully fulfilling the experience of making music can be, but it sets the bar for the specific feeling I hope to pass on to everyone who chooses to make music with me.

Chasing this wonderful experience defined my career path. It pushed me to get a degree in music and to try my hand at every musical situation I possibly could in a never-ending search for new challenges and inspirations. It’s taken me to many different parts of the country and the world abroad; into the biggest sold out theaters alongside the most intimate jazz clubs. I put my all into everything that I do, and approach every project I engage in from the perspective of the listener, focusing on making creative choices that suit the music, above all else.