Mixing & Mastering for $395

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Mixing & Mastering for $395

Hello, My name is Alex Reverberi. I have 20+ years experience in the business as Engineer, Musician and Producer. I was lucky enough to have assisted some of the greatest mixing engineers in the world and worked with artists ranging from George Clinton, Whitney Houston, Shakira, to Eminem and Outkast, and worked on 2 Grammy Award winning albums. I can mix any style of music but I do mostly specialize in Hip Hop, Rock, and Alternative.
I mix completely in the box with some occasional hardware processing as needed. My studio revolves around an Universal Audio Apollos ecosystem, and I work on both Pro-Tools and Logic,and Luna.


feel free to let me know If you do need instrumental, TV mix, other versions and mastering, I will be more than glad to do that for you and well.

At the end of the project you will be provided with the mix of the song at 48khz 24bit and a Mastered Version of the song (free of charge) at 48k 24bit, 44.1k 16 bit (CD master) and an high res Mp3.

Through the Mastering processing I can provide metadata and artwork file embedding if needed.


Mixing and Mastering
  • Pop
  • Hip Hop
  • Pop, Malaysan Idol
  • Latin Hip Hop

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