AfterDusk Studio multitrack e-mixing service for $180

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AfterDusk Studio multitrack e-mixing service for $180

Hello, my name's James Maximilian Jason and I'm a long-time sound engineer, musician and composer.
I earned a professional sound engineer degree with flying colours, followed by two professional degrees in advanced mixing and mastering.
I want to put my knowledge and my abilities at the service of emerging musicians and interesting bands.

I'm currently the sound engineer of two Italian cult heavy rock bands and I'm particularly skilled in heavy-electro-alternative-industrial rock sounds but I'm eclectic enough to work on any kind of music because... good music is always nothing but good music !

I can mix your songs, each comprised with up to 64 tracks (I can handle more tracks of course but in this case you should contact me before) and I will work on them until we will find your perfect sound.
I'm a perfectionist and I like to take care of details, so to get the vibe you're looking for.

I will work mainly on the basic dynamic of the song, using EQ's, compressor, some saturation if needed and a little touch of ambience in order to give a "magic glue" to the song.

I won't add any flanger/chorus/phaser or overdrive/distortion unlike you will tell me to do that.
I can add virtual amps (Amplitube 5 Deluxe, Bias FX 2, Bias Amp 2, Softube Amp Room, Line 6 Pod Farm 2.5 Platinum, Vandal, Kuassa, Nembrini Audio) to your guitar tracks by your request so to give a particular character to your guitar sound.

I will work entirely ITB, using Reason 11 with my huge arsenal of VST's and plugins (more than 700): any suggestion about the final sound you want to get is welcome and if you have a rough mix of your songs and some reference tracks you can send them to me along with your single multitracks to be mixed up.

This low-cost service doesn't include vocal tuning or drum editing. If you need these services you can order the dedicated add-on gigs I created in the Audio Editing section.

Furthermore I have a special, separate gig to add a keyboard/synthesizer track to your song (orchestral parts, pads, lead, arpeggios, synth-bass etc.).

  • Blues
  • Electronic
  • Pop-Rock
  • Prog rock
  • Punk

The Woodcutter's Wife

by Chandelle
  • The Woodcutter's Wife
  • All or Nothing
  • Arcano Arcaico
  • Pretending
  • Hard to Let Go
  • Kapow!

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