Additional Keyboard/Synth track for $130

In Piano, Keys, Synth 100% Guarantee By AfterDusk Studio

Additional Keyboard/Synth track for $130

This is an add-on to my e-mixing service in order to give your song that missing magic touch it deserves !
Evocative pads, inspiring leads, effective keyboard parts, captivating arpeggios or rhythmic synths, enthralling or touching keyb/synth solos.

You have only to ask what kind of suit you need. I will be your tailor in this case.
There's no need to send me any tab. Music is art and inspiration. Let you be guided by my creativity. I've been composing music for my and other music/multimedia project for more than 25 years so I know when, where and what to play for your song.

This service includes two revisions and can be ordered only in addition to the e-mixing service above mentioned.

  • Pop-Rock
  • Punk
  • Blues
  • Electronic
  • Prog rock

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