Professional Grade Studio Mixing All Styles & Genres for $250

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Professional Grade Studio Mixing All Styles & Genres for $250

Hi, Thanks for stopping by! I would be honored to help you achieve your goals sonically! I have been mixing and mastering arrangements for over 20 years.
Mastered my studies at Berklee College of Music and produced thousands of recordings to include audio for:
Radio, television, record labels, film, commercials, bands, independent artists, businesses, and plays.

Contact me if you'd like to use my experience and expertise to deliver an outstanding mix. We will discuss your vision and design a personalized template together. Then, we will construct and implement your ideas along with mine to create a unique musical experience.

I strive to use the best available musicians and gear.
Your mixes are guaranteed to be sonically outstanding .

SSL 900 AWS Analog/Digital board, Neve Summing, Antelope Audio, Universal Audio, Lauten Audio, AKG Microphones, Etc.

You will receive all tracked out audio stems as well as WAV and MP3 files.

Pearl Scott - Save Me (One Love)

Mixed by DGIO
  • Pearl Scott - Save Me (One Love)
  • Phill - Mona Lisa
  • Mel - Like That
  • Pop Track

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