Rap & Hip Hop Verses/Vocals for $400

In Rap Artists 100% Guarantee By Dgiovahni Denize

Rap & Hip Hop Verses/Vocals for $400

Thanks for stopping by! If you're in need of a rap verse or any hip hop effects to your song, I would love to help you. I have been writing and rapping for over 17 years.

I have been feature on various platforms to include:
Record label recordings, news broadcasts, voice-overs, commercials, radio, television, and film.

I strive to use the best musicians and gear available.

Price reflects studio time at Tree Sound, Stankonia, Soul Asylum, or Starcity Studios, write/ rewriting time, recording, and mixing by a certified audio engineer.
You will receive full, tracked out audio stems and a WAV/MP3 file.

Please inbox me details about your track and I can write you a custom verse or dialogue, or use your lyrics. Communication is essential so we can go in the direction you are headed!

Instagram: @DGIOVAHNI

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  • Trap
  • Pop
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Gorgeous Danger (Hip Hop)

Hip Hop Recording
  • Gorgeous Danger (Hip Hop)
  • Brother (Pop)
  • Honda Commercial 2 (Folk)
  • Honda Commercial 1 (Trap)
  • Larry King (Voice-Over)

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