Mastering for $75

In Mastering By Steve Lamm

Mastering for $75

The Mastering process will ensure your final product has the last little bit of "special sauce" this process can provide, but more importantly it ensures your song is at the same volume level as other songs in your genre. Additionally it provides you with a high quality MP-3, a low quality MP-3 (smaller size), with all the correct metadata in additional to your full quality .wav file.

Submission format should be a full quality .wav file of your final mix. Please know that the mastering process can not be used to change the overall mix (more or less vocal, turn down the snare drum, etc..). This process is an important part of preparing a mix for distribution and can really help your final mix have that extra punch.

I Master in my own studio with high end gear and lot's of attention to detail. I do offer a money back guarantee because I know you will be happy with the final product.

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