Grammy Award Winning Engineer, with 20 plus years of recording, editing, and mixing great music. My most popular service is mixing, and I work hard to make each mix really special. I also offer mastering, tuning, and editing (drums are my specialty).

Additionally I play guitar on a lot of the projects I work on and I can create complete tracks with virtual instruments or provide a complete custom production product for one song, an EP, or full album.

What people say they love most about working with me is my positive attitude, real interest in people and their goals, and an ability to pull the best out of people without ever making them doubt their abilities.

I've worked in a lot of different genres and I am confident of providing a great product in all of them.

I am local to Nashville, TN and can provide engineering on your project as well. Contact me directly if you are looking for a full song or album production.

You can check out a few of the projects I've worked on here: