I will write/rap an amazing verse for you for $50

In Rap Artists 100% Guarantee By Dylan Walker

I will write/rap an amazing verse for you for $50

I will create an expertly written and performed rap for your song, professionally recorded for you to include in your track. I can write/deliver verses for virtually any mood/occasion, with a dynamic range of flows and delivery/writing styles and will get the work done swiftly (while focused on quality, of course).

I will record it in my acoustically treated home studio, and upon completion of your order will send the following files:

* A PDF file of the lyrics that I wrote
* An MP3 file of a demo for you to quickly listen to
* A compressed ZIP file containing the WAV acapella stem, for the engineer to use

For extended reference, you can find me on all social media by searching my stage name: Dylan Walker.

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Dark hip hop. Song on upcoming debut album
  • sunny days
  • day2day

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