Hip-Hop & Rap Feature for $200

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Hip-Hop & Rap Feature for $200

Thanks for checking me out! If you're in need of a rap verse, hip hop verse, or even an R&B verse to your song then I would love to make your project come to life. I have been writing and doing music for 3 years and it’s becoming more and more successful by the day.

I have been feature on various platforms to include:
Record label recordings, broadway, news broadcasts, movies, commercials, radio, television, and film.

I record all of my music at paramount studios in LA or 400 recording. With that being said you have full access to a expert audio engineer.
You will receive full WAV/MP3 file. Other components can be sent if needed.

Please message me details about your track because I’m always down to discuss ideas and certain directions that you would like to go with the song. Can’t wait to work with you let’s make this magic!

  • Hip Hop
  • R&B
  • Rap

Fade Away

One of my most recent songs for you!
  • Fade Away

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