Unique World Class Percussion for $130

In Percussion 100% Guarantee By Iúri Oliveira

Unique World Class Percussion for $130

I am A Session and Tour Percussionist, with studies and skils in Latin Music, Iberian , Jazz, Flamenco, African and Brazillian, Sonoplastie and many other styles.

I am full prepared with Hand Percussion, Small Percussion and Stick Percussion as Overdubs, to compose any song, interlude intro / outro and record an Jazz Hybrid percussion setup with also a big variety of Microphones and all knowledge of audio capture and editing.

I use LOGIC PRO X and all my microphones are SONTRONICS, AKG and BEYERDYNAMIC

Congas, Bátás, Bongós, Djembé, Cajon (Flamenco & Peruano), Tama (Talking Drums), Udus, Pandeiros, Frame Drums, Tamborin, Portuguese Adufes, Water Drums, Calabash, Darbuka, Timbales, Rebolo, Surdo.

Shakers, Shekeres, Tambourines, Blocks, Cowbells, Chimes, Bells, Gongs, Agogos, Guiros, Natural Sounds, seed ratles, triangles, chimes, bird whistles, bell plates, caxixis, cuica, wind tubes. rain stick, FX Cymbals, Claves.​

Bombo Legüero, Berimbaus, Timbilia, Maractú Alfaia, Mbiras, Kissages, Water Calabash, Krin, Snares, Leaf Brushes, Singing Bowls.

  • Jazz
  • World
  • Latin
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Ambient

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Iuri Oliveira
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