Pro Bluegrass Banjo - All Styles for $85

In Folk Instruments In Banjo 100% Guarantee By Ricky Mier

Pro Bluegrass Banjo - All Styles for $85

Hello Airgigs,

My name is Ricky Mier and I am a banjo player, an alumni of Berklee College of Music, and currently working on my YouTube Channel.

Check out my stuff at

I can play in all styles but am very familiar with bluegrass, folk, rock, Celtic, pop, country, improv etc.

As far as Airgigs goes, what I tend to play back banjo rolls over the chords and match my rhythms to whatever is going on.

I've got good gear and am confident in my sound.

The first song is $50. After that, I will charge $65 for each song.

My banjo has a dark and rich sound, not twangy and abrasive.

***Please send a chord chart of the arrangement with accurate rhythms. If that can't be done, I can write out a chord chart for you at a rate of $5/chord. ***

***Songs over 5 minutes are $10/ 30 seconds***

Thanks for reading!

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