Not your typical Pedal Steel Guitar for $100

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Not your typical Pedal Steel Guitar for $100

Pedal steel guitar in a modern context! I love adding the unique texture of pedal steel to a wide variety of styles. Country, sure...but why stop there? The pedal steel can fill the role of a string section, an organ, a guitar, even the human voice, but with an otherwordly quality that always grabs listeners and draws them in. In fact, to show the versatility of the instrument, I recorded a recreation of the Stranger Things theme song using only the pedal steel (click the video tab to check it out).

I like to approach the steel with an arranger's mindset, using it to enhance the drama, the tension and release already in your song. I typically don't play wall-to-wall, but instead choose the best moments to say something and then get out of the way. Pads and swells from the steel can add that "liquid glass" quality you really can't get with any other instrument. But of course - if it's twang you want, it's twang you shall get!

I've been recording and touring with a wide variety of artists for about 13 years. Highlights include touring Europe with Courtney Marie Andrews (one of Rolling Stone's "10 New Country Artists You Should Know"), sharing the stage with The Head and the Heart as a member of Matt Hopper and the Roman Candles, countless shows with Emma Hill and Small Souls, and plenty of session work with the likes of Jeffrey Martin and many others.

My main axe is an early 70's Emmons push/pull extended E9. I have a variety of amps and mics on hand, as well as the Avid Eleven Rack which surprisingly wins a lot of shoot-outs. I always include a DI track along with the amp track so you have flexibility later should you choose to re-amp,

Wrong Kind of Romance (Bryn Loosley)

Light country/zydeco feel with lyrics that reference Coleridge
  • Wrong Kind of Romance (Bryn Loosley)
  • One Hundred Years from Now (Bright Faces)
  • Wailing Songbird (Matt Hopper and the Roman Candles)
  • Right Where You're Supposed to Be (Scotland Barr and the Slow Drags)
  • Mountain with Two Peaks (Small Souls)

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