Galician Bagpipes for your song for $80

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Galician Bagpipes for your song for $80

I'm a Galician bagpiper from Argentina with 20 years of playing pipes (among some other folk woodwinds).

For recordings I use an Audient iD 14 as an interface and a Audio Technica AT4033, also I have some other microphones such as SM57, Samson C02, Behringer B2Pro

It's worth pointing out that I have Galician bagpipes in 3 keys (Bb, C, D). Galician bagpipes are chromatic and I can play in some other keys, but the register is limited to an octave and a half, so we'd need to discuss requirements and transcriptions for me to undertake bespoke work, but I can easily tweak the pitch of the recordings to transpose if necessary.

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from my 2nd EP
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