Fiddle and mandolin for $80

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Fiddle and mandolin for $80

Need some fiddle, violin, mandolin or string arrangements for your recording project? Let me know what you’re up to and let’s see if I can add that certain something you’re looking for. I have over twenty years experience doing sessions and have played with some of the legends of bluegrass and alt country. I’m flexible, my rates are affordable and I care about my work.

I use ProTools and record my fiddle and mandolin with a Peluso P28 tube mic through a Universal Audio Solo 610 tube preamp. For clients who are looking for a brighter sound or who want a stereo track (including mid-side), I also use a Studio Projects LSD-2 stereo mic.

My fiddle -- a Carl Sandner re-voiced at the Nashville Violin Shop -- has an exceptionally warm sound and records beautifully, needing little EQ.

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