Soul Touching Armenian Duduk for $75

In Folk Instruments In Woodwinds 100% Guarantee By Aneesh Kashalikar

Soul Touching Armenian Duduk for $75

I am a highly skilled duduk player trained by virtuoso duduk player Artak Asatryan from Armenia ready to bring soul and emotion to enhance your track. I have beautiful instruments and recording equipment at my disposal. I can read parts you write, learn by ear, and as a composer trained by 2x Grammy Winner Herschel Garfein, I can write melodies or enhance existing melodies to get you the best result possible. I will work on your project until you are completely satisfied. I offer you the best sound combined with my top notch skills in writing music to provide you an unparalleled experience not found elsewhere. I look forward to working with you on your project!

-Several high quality Armenian duduks, all made by well known masters including the Georgy Minasyan and Hayk Galstyan
-Numerous reeds hand picked by Artak Asatryan
-Coles 4038 - a Vintage Microphone famous for use by Abbey Roads
perfect for lush sounding woodwinds like the duduk
-Universal Audio preamps
-Logic Pro

  • World
  • Ambient
  • Folk
  • Trance
  • Electronic

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