Cuban Tres Recording for your songs for $75

In Folk Instruments By Jairo Zuluaga

Cuban Tres Recording for your songs for $75

Professional musician, guitarist, tresista and musical producer.

I'm Colombian musician. I've worked for more than 10 years as musical producer and session musician in different studios and bands like Generación 12, Soulfire Revolution.

Currently I'm working in my own home studio, with Yamaha HS monitors, Apogee Interface, Shure Microphones, Yamaha Folk Guitars, Fender Stratocaster Guitars, Cuban Tres of a Colombian Luthier, Line 6 Piano Controller and Logic Pro X DAW. I can record from 44.1 to 192 Khz sample rates and 16 or 24 bit depth.

I can play different styles of music, I prefer Latin Music, Worship Music, Pop and Jazz music.

  • Folk
  • Latin

Cuban Tres

Some Latin fusion
  • Cuban Tres
  • Country Style
  • Worship Style
  • Colombian Style
  • Santana Style

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