Pick some sweet country banjo for $50

In Folk Instruments In Banjo 100% Guarantee By Dante Sesin

Pick some sweet country banjo for $50

Hello! I'm hopping over from Fivver

Looking for some banjo to add some twang to your track? I'm your man!

I'm a multi instrumentalist with a degree music from the Academy Of Art and have been playing music for over 15 years in all kinds of projects from San Francisco to Argentina. Give me a beat, melody, charts or just hum what your looking for and I'll get to work.

You'll get a professionally recorded banjo track delivered in HQ audio especially crafted for your project!


Cort CB - 75 5 String
Grestch 1883 Open Back 5 String
Logic Pro
Sennheiser Mk 4 Condensor Mic

(All sample songs I've written and recorded myself)

Lets talk about what YOU are looking for!

  • Country

Bluegrass Fusion

  • Bluegrass Fusion
  • Country Blues
  • Folk Swing

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