A great soundtrack for your film for $100

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Dante Sesin

A great soundtrack for your film for $100


I'm a multi instrumentalist with a degree in Music & Sound for Visual media from the Academy Of Art in San Francisco, California. I've in all kinds of projects from San Francisco to Argentina. Need an captivating, soundtrack that really get your message across? I'm your man! Send me some references of what you'd like and I'll get to work.

You'll get a professionally recorded soundtrack delivered in HQ audio especially crafted for your project!


Acoustic: Double Bass, Piano, Guitar, Mandolin, Dobro, & Banjo.
Electric: Guitar, Bass, Rhodes, Hammond, Synths.
Komplete 8 String Library
Logic Pro X
Studio, Mixing & Mastering

(All sample songs I've written and recorded myself)

I've written and recorded music for inspired documentaries, light comedies, dystopic science ficcion and much more.

Lets talk about what YOU are looking for!


  • Forest
  • Bad News
  • Space

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