Piano Accordion Tracks for $50

In Folk Instruments In Accordion 100% Guarantee By Emilia Ines Vega

Piano Accordion Tracks for $50

I make Piano and Accordion Tracks. I offer all the revisions you want until you get satisfied and two takes to choose.

I will deliver a stereo track (L+R) or two mono tracks (L / R). My average turnaround is about 2 -7 days.

I am a classical trained pianist and accordionist. I work from my home studio recording instrumental tracks. I specialize in arrangements.

My gear:

Pair of Condenser Mics AKG P220

Dynamic AKG D7

Accordion Hohner Arietta IM

Upright Piano Hofmann & Kuhne


Composition for my album Prkchs.zip
  • Composition
  • Accordion Arrangement
  • Piano arrangement

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