Fabulous HARMONICA in variety of genres for $100

In Folk Instruments In Harmonica 100% Guarantee By Alex Paclin

Fabulous HARMONICA in variety of genres for $100

Hi and welcome to one of the best harmonica gigs on Airgigs! 

I can provide you an exceptional quality recording with great performance and the sound that fits your track perfectly. I work meticulously on every song that's provided to me, finding the best possible phrasing and sound.

I'm a very well trained and versatile musician, have a natural desire to constantly learn and develop, honed my skills by visiting masterclasses at harmonica conferences and events, studied in California College of Music and performed with big blues figures, such as Bob Margolin.

Send me your track and the guidelines on how you want the harmonica to sound including the timing for harmonica, e.g: 0:32-1:06 (you can also attach the reference track if you know what harmonica should sound similar to).

I record harmonica with a clean sound on a Neumann U87ai or a distorted sound with a Electro-Voice RE-10 mic or sE Electronics HB52 going into a UAD Fender Tweed 55 amp.

The gig's price ($100) is for recording on a dynamic mic (Hohner HB52 or Electrovoice RE10 for an distorted/amped sound, Audix Fireball for a clean sound)
+$50 is for a condenser mic (Neumann U87ai for a more detailed, and airy sound).
+$100 to record harmonies on harmonica.

  • Blues
  • Pop
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Rock
  • Country
  • Reggae

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A variety of songs with clean and amped harmonica
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