Pedal Steel Guitar / Dobro for $125

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Pedal Steel Guitar / Dobro for $125

Defining The Modern Pedal Steel Guitar. I provide the perfect part and a top notch sound quality.

First off, thank you so much for visiting my page and having an interest in pedal steel guitar on your album. You have made a great choice!

My approach is simple, I want to deliver a recording that will enhance the song in all the right ways. I'm pretty nit-picky and analytical about what I play, and love the process of crafting the right part in the arrangement. It's something I live to do. My playing is guaranteed to be in tune, creative, and serve the song based on what you request, or what you leave me to come up with.

My background has been in electric and classical guitar. I graduated from Purchase College with a degree in classical guitar performance, and have gone on to work in broadway pit orchestras, many types of pop and rock bands, and recording sessions. My focus however, has shifted completely to the steel guitar as my background has prepared me for playing this instrument on a high level. I'm uniquely qualified to play on pop/rock leaning tracks in a way many people are not, and take a bit of a different role if needed. Singer/songwriter, country, americana, indie rock are all huge strengths of mine but open to more 'out there' projects as well.

I record in Ableton at 48000 and will send you high quality mic'd and DI track at around -6db peak for maximum flexibility in your mix.

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Pedal Steel Guitar
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