Pedal Steel/Banjo/Dobro/Mandolin/Lap Steel/Acoustic Guitar/Ukulele for $125

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Pedal Steel/Banjo/Dobro/Mandolin/Lap Steel/Acoustic Guitar/Ukulele for $125

My name is Andy Ellison and I am available to provide overdubs of any of the following instruments on your song, demo, project, album, EP, etc... :

Pedal Steel,
Lap Steel / Slide Guitar,
Acoustic Guitar,

I am a full-time professional musician living in Nashville, equipped with a home studio perfect for providing overdubs for artists and producers all around the world. In addition, I also the toured for over 4 years as the pedal steel player for Capitol Records country artist Jon Pardi, playing sold out shows all across the US and Canada as well as TV performances on Jimmy Kimmel, Good Morning America, the ACM Awards, and more before shifting my career to full time session work.

For $125/song, I will add any one of my instruments to your recording (that's $125 per instrument) and send you high quality audio of any file type. If you're not happy with what I send you, I will revise my work until you are pleased with the product.

I have experience with a variety of musical styles beyond just country and would be glad to play on your next project!



-Mullen Royal Precision D-10 pedal steel
-Gold Tone Paul Beard Signature Dobro
-1921 Gibson A2 Mandolin
-Deering Goodtime openback banjo
-Gold Tone 6 string banjo
-2019 Collings D1 acoustic
-1965 Gibson J50 acoustic
-1930s Gibson Kalamazoo acoustic guitar
-Early 70s Gibson J40 acoustic guitar
-Taylor Academy 12eN Nylon string guitar
-Recording King 12 string acoustic
-Asher Electro Hawaiian Junior lap steel
-Fender '64 Reissue American Vintage Telecaster
-Gibson Les Paul Junior
-Danelectro '56 Vintage reissue semi-hollow baritone electric guitar
-1966 Fender Showman
-1967 Fender Bassman
-1968 Fender Princeton
-Mesa Lone Star
-Kemper Profiling Amp
-Mesa Lone Star 112 cabinet
-2018 Mac Mini
-Pro Tools 12
-Apollo Twin Interface
-Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina Mic
-Shure SM57
-Various outboard pre amps and compressors (API, Neve, AAL, Warm
-various plugins by companies like Universal Audio, Waves, and Spitfire

I also have dozens of pedals and other accessories.

  • Country
  • Folk
  • Americana
  • Rock
  • Pop

Andy Ellison - Pedal Steel Samples

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  • Andy Ellison - Pedal Steel Samples

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