Pedal Steel Guitar Recordings for $60

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Pedal Steel Guitar Recordings for $60

My process is as follows:
(1) Client provides a stereo mix (wav or mp3 starting at 0:00) of their song, plus any notes or specific requests. I take those notes and/or requests, and apply them to the parts that I create.

(2) I provide a mix down of the original stereo mix plus the parts I've added for client review. I generally allow three revision requests after the first version, but further revisions can be discussed on a per-case basis.

(3) Once client is happy with provided parts, payment is made, and they will receive full quality stems/tracks.

I use current state of the art equipment, software, and hardware. I can provide my recorded parts dry, or with what I feel is the appropriate amount of effects, or both if you prefer. I can record parts at any bit and sample rate that your session requires.

Let me be a part of your project, and we'll take it to the next level.

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