Folk flute musician Ethnic and traditional flutes for $70

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Folk flute musician Ethnic and traditional flutes for $70

Marcelo Politano (1989) is a specialist in folk flutes and has been the folk flutist of Chasky since 2007. The group Chasky was created in 1960 when musicians from different countries of South America migrated to Brazil. With almost 60 years of existence, Chasky is one of the most important groups of South American folk music still active.

Marcelo offers recordings of the following folk instruments (The instruments can be recorded in all tonalities):

- Pífano flute (Northeastern bamboo flute from Brazil, also known as pife or pifano);
- Piccolo pífano flute;
- Quena flute (Andean bamboo or wood flute), bamboo or wooden flutes available;
- Quenacho flute (Andean bamboo or wood flute), bamboo flute available;
- Tin whistles (Irish folk flutes): C, Bb, D (recordings available for any mode or tonality);
- Duduk (Armenian folk wooden flute);
- Native flute (Northamerican folk flute, also known as Navajo flute);
- Indian Bansuri;
- Indian Low Bansuri (constructed specifically for me by a Brazilian craft master in bamboo flutes creation)
- Different range of whistles and bird whistles

As well as the western woodwind instruments:
- Tenor Saxophone
- Soprano Saxophone
- Soprano recorder (blockflute)

Marcelo Politano completed his bachelor in saxophone-Brazilian popular music at the University of Campinas (Brazil) and his master studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Netherlands). He is currently starting a second master studies in Audiovisual Composition at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn.

The recordings are done at the studio at the Estonian Academy of Arts with a Stereo pair of Schoeps CMC621 Wide Cardioids or other mics available at the department.

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I was the Composer, quena flute player, quenacho player, percussion player, sound engineer and mixer in this production
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