Pedal Steel, Fiddle, Mandolin, Dobro or Guitar for $100

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Pedal Steel, Fiddle, Mandolin, Dobro or Guitar for $100

Hey, my name is Jamison Hollister and I want to play on your project. I can provide Pedal Steel, Fiddle, Mandolin, Dobro, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar or Ukulele for your recording.

I have played with artists such as Lisa Marie Presley, John Fogerty, Jimbo Mathus, Charlie Worsham and many more. Also, I have played on American Idol, The Voice, X Factor and Glee.

-1 instrument, 1 track: $100.00
-Additional instruments on same track: $75.00 each
-3 revisions/edits of each instrument, if necessary
-Up to 2 takes, per instrument

*If you hire me for 3 or more tracks, then the price drops to $80.00,1 instrument,1 track. Additional instruments on same tracks will be $60.00 each. Same number of revisions and takes apply.

Gear regularly used:
-GFI universal pedal steel
-GFI E9 pedal steel
-Several old German fiddles
-F5 Bluegrass style mandolin
-Stella blues style mandolin
-Dobro brand squareneck resonator (G tuning)
-Bourgeois acoustic guitar
-Taylor acoustic guitar
-Les Paul
-Mitchell Ukulele
-1970 Fender Twin blackface modded
-Fender Hot Rod Deville
-gamut of boutique and standard effects pedals

For Recording:
-Apple Logic
-Blue Robbie Tube Preamp
-Focusrite interface
-Rode mics
-Shure sm57/58

For any electric instruments, I typically send both a mic'd amp signal w or w/o effects (your call) as well as a direct signal, so you have more options.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or want me to "do the math" for any quotes for you. Thanks so much!

  • Americana
  • Blues
  • Country
  • Rock

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