Ableton Live specialist: Electronic production, mixing, sound design, Live set design. for $200

In Song Production By Mariano Balestena

Ableton Live specialist: Electronic production, mixing, sound design, Live set design. for $200

Hello! I'm Mariano, and I would love to work with you to mix your electronic tracks, improve your synths and drums, optimize your Live set for the stage or simply to help you discover new tricks inside Ableton Live.

I'm an electronic producer specialized in Ableton Live production and performance. I've been working with artists and teaching electronic production for about 5 years.
I feel I know Live inside out and I've used it on very different settings, from mixing other artists' music to finger-drumming as a sessionist and performing live dance music.
When producing artists, I try to go a long way to offer sound design and creative processing in accordance to the personality and needs of your track, since I feel a great composition can be easily wasted without proper sound design. I've worked in a lot of different projects, from pop/electronic tunes with an in-your-face sound to more experimental/dance tracks that required intricate audio processing and resampling.

I take pride of having great communication with my clients because I love what I do and I love helping people to improve their music!

Also, if you are looking for on-line lessons or consulting, I'm your guy! For the stated price, I will use two hours of my time to help you with anything Ableton Live/production related.
Styles I have worked on: Pop, Hip/Trip hop, Techno/House, Downtempo/Experimental,DnB.

Please feel free to drop me a line so we can discuss your project!

MENE - La Felicidad (Balestena Remix)

An electronic/experimental remix I did for a dream pop-oriented track. All drum and sound design (no presets), sequencing and mixing was made by me.
  • MENE - La Felicidad (Balestena Remix)
  • Charly Eleven - Magia
  • Krust Mystery School - Dutty Toe remix

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