Pro Radio Ready Music Production for $400

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Isaac Agyeman

Pro Radio Ready Music Production for $400

I have over 20 years of experience with music production and arranging. I produce high-quality, professional, radio-ready tracks for all genres (pop, R&B, dance, jingles, TV/movie soundtracks, hip-hop, jazz [all kinds— smooth, traditional, modern], soul, blues, funk, rock, gospel, worship music, contemporary Christian music, electronic dance music [EDM], etc.). If you have a song and you need someone to bring it to life, I can help you!

Each project is individual and is based on the needs of your song. Booking me as a producer includes:

- The full instrumentation to bring your song to life. You and I will communicate about your vision for your finished song, and I will make that vision a reality. Everything is done in my midi studio using high-quality, realistic-sounding samples, plug-ins, programs, software synthesizers and the like. I’m a keyboard player and a music programmer, and that’s what I use to bring your tracks to life. This software-based instrumentation is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing— check out my demos to see for yourself! All demos were produced by yours truly and are just a small sample of the variety of instrumentation, percussion, loops and much more that I have at my disposal.
- Arranging
- I can provide some light mixing and mastering if requested. Any mixing engineer will tell you the key to a great-sounding song is using the right sounds to begin with. I provide you with the right sounds from the very beginning. This will save you time during the mixing phase as your tracks will virtually mix themselves.

I know what it takes to take a song from start to finish and make it radio ready. My music has been played on the radio and has charted on Billboard. As a musician/performer/songwriter/producer myself, I focus on providing radio-ready mixes that are not only presentable, but truly musical. As a musician with a highly attuned ear for detail, I approach your song from a musical perspective, bringing out the musicality of the song as YOU want it to sound.

I will work with you until you are satisfied with the final production. For thisprice, I provide everything you need to achieve a professional, radio-ready song. I work from my midi studio to give you the songs you want.

Up to 4 revisions; 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You'll receive a clean, professionally edited track that's ready to go.

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