Studio Recording and Production for $80

In Song Production By Leo Mann

Studio Recording and Production for $80

Sound for Humanity Productions

We provide recording and production services including studio recording time, songwriting, sound design, full song/album production, live sessions.
Any genres and music styles are welcome.
We can also write and produce music for media, such as film, theatre, advertising and more.
Optional visual recording of sessions is available as well.

We charge for our time and help you build your ideal sound into reality. Prices can be negotiable depending on the volume of the projects and availability.

We have a mobile studio, which is currently located at an atelier in Lewisham, London. But we love travelling, so get in touch maybe we can visit you if the proposition is great.

We work as session musicians and can record guitar, piano, voices, bass, drums and to complete we have a network of other musicians, who could jump in for almost any sound that you may desire.

We have all that a good studio requires great sound and trained ears.

All the best,
Leo and Dimi

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