Arranging, Recording and Mixing. I can build a whole song for you. for $699

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Arranging, Recording and Mixing. I can build a whole song for you. for $699

I can build a whole song for you.
I can:

You just tell me what you want me to do . If you also want vocals on it, you need to select that service separate from this one. Or you can pick a great singer of Airgigs that I can work together with.

If you already have a song/lyrics/idea, you can sent me those via airbags chat.

I can make every song in an artist style.
I have done songs that are in the style of:
5 Seconds Of Summer
Alicia Keys
Ed Sheehan
Jason Derulo
Fleetwood Mac
Martin Garrix
One Direction
Sam Smith
Taylor Swift
I dont imitate those artists, but you can use it like a reference of what kind of song you want.

I am a professional songwriter who grew up in the studio of the family. I have a lot of experience with pop, rock, singer/songwriter, and EDM.

I use pro-tools, and Logic pro X. I prefer to work with Logic however, because I can be more creative in that one.

If you order this service I will sent you:
Every track as an audio file
An exported audio file (.wav or .aiff)
The logic project file if you would like to.

The price includes two revisions.

The fact that my price is this low, is because my family has a studio, so I don't have any recording costs. The price only contains working hours. (5$/h)

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