Custom song production for $350

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Dalton & Lucy

Custom song production for $350

We are tuxeduo and here we aim to take your ideas and bring your songs to life through the perfect song production process. Whether it be just a melody idea or a full vocal example, we will build the perfect instrumental project to turn your songs into songs that people will love.
You will be provided with a full demo track with quality instrumentation from a full range of genres, which ever you desire. (for vocals, see our vocal services)

your package will include;
.Full demo track including, drum, bass, keys and a different range of instrumentation. (Mixing and Mastering available as well)

During this process, communication will be quite important and quality professional equipment such as, Logic Pro Daw, the best quality virtual instruments and live if needed.

feel free to reach out with any question or information needed.

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