Pro pop/EDM/dance pop production for $400

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Pro pop/EDM/dance pop production for $400

Hey! I'm an experienced pro music producer in EDM, dance and pop music. I have well over 30 million streams (all channels) on my artist productions and have released with Republic and Soave Records. I have also produced music for over a 100 advertising campaigns.

I am based in Amsterdam and specialise in song production, mixing, songwriting, vocal production and vocal tuning. My strongest skill is giving shape to productions with great attention to detail and feeling.

I'm all about honesty and transparency. What to expect from me;

- Production price is based on co-operation; I will turn your basic production idea into a finished song (get in touch to discuss details)
- I am super service oriented and aim to bring your vision to it's best possible outcome. I'll make your song shine and you'll always have the last say
- Mixing and mastering are included in this service
- I'm used to delivering the best service for the most demanding clients
- Can do detailed and manual vocal editing combined with the best vocal production techniques
- Turn around time; 1 week (depending on project specs)

I got great reviews on that other website starting with an S ;) I would love to hear about your project so send me a message!

* If you represent a brand, ad agency or tv station, please get in touch for a tailored offer *

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  • House
  • Lounge
  • Pop-Rock

Compilation of recent projects

A few songs I produced that have had a label release
  • Compilation of recent projects

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