Real Instruments production, mix and master for $450

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Real Instruments production, mix and master for $450

Are you a songwriter who needs a complete production for their music?

Do you need guitar solos, drums, keyboards, bass or other kind of instrument for your own song?

You can send us a recording of your voice and guitar or other instrument, tell us what style of music you want for your song and we'll send you back a profesional recording.

You only need to contact us and we’ll give you a personalised project for your requirements

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

This production includes the real instrument list as follows:
Drums, electric bass or doble bass, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, keyboards and small percusion (shaker, tamburine, cowbell), dobro, mandolin, ukulele.

If you need real brasses, strings, etc, it should be hired aside from this gig. You can also contact me to send you a custom offer with your needs.

Here you can listen some of my last years productions:

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  • Hard Rock
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  • Pop-Rock

Demo Reel 2020 v2

  • Demo Reel 2020 v2
  • Demo Reel 2020

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