Single Song Production for $1000

In Song Production By Christopher Foust

Single Song Production for $1000

With over 150+ cuts and 20+ years experience on the stage and in the studio, I have become keenly aware on how to capture what makes artists unique and marry it with commercial viability. I operate a studio in Nashville and provide song writing, arranging, multi instrumentation, backing tracks, tracking, mixing, and mastering.

Genres I specialize in: pop, pop rock, hard rock, blues, metal, country, southern rock, and rhythm & blues.

My process for producing songs and/or artists:
- Book introductory meeting, over zoom or in person (in person for Nashville), to understand the creative vision and goals of the song
- Arrangement & Songwriting: work with the artist to perfect the melody, lyrics, and structure of a song before primary tracking begins.
- Tracking: I will build out the track, walk musicians through needed files, and add any additional instrumentation. Artist roll be involved in this process 100%.
- Editing & Mixing: Utilizing ProTools, Reason, and other DAW/software I will comp the tracks, edit and/or tune parts, and mix the track.
- Mastering: when I final mix is approved, the track will be mastered and ready for radio and public consumption.

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Country
  • Pop-Rock
  • Hard Rock

The Dark

Modern commercial rock song
  • The Dark
  • Unmake Me

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