Song production for $300

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Song production for $300

I'm an experienced producer with 4 studio albums and two top-15 in spanish charts, and more than 41 million Spotify streams.
I like to start song production from scratch, beginning from basic ideas and ending in a full arrangement for a song. I believe a great song must be good from the very beginning, in its most essential form, a piano/guitar and a vocal. Music production can be defined as finding the suit that fits the song best :)

I work with elite programs and gear to achieve top results. Don't worry about revisions, I won't stop until you get what you're looking for.

Services I offer:
-Advice and help in songwriting
-Arrangement and programming
-Instrument recording (bass, drum, guitar, keys and synths)
-Vocal production
-Vocal tuning and editing
-Instrument editing and quantization

I'm easy to work with and I guarantee fast and professional results. Feel free to ask me any questions for your project!

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