Professional quality Production-All Instruments played for $300

In Song Production By Jon Worthy

Professional quality Production-All Instruments played for $300

Hello my name is Jon Worthy! I am a producer/songwriter/artist in Nashville, TN. I produce music for tv/film company Indigi, my own artist career, as well as other artists. I work in the indie pop, rock, alt country, singer songwriter realm. My songs have been featured in Netflix, movies, commercials, podcasts, YouTube vloggers, and advertisements. I love collaborating with other artists and making the song come to life. Production includes any composition changes we make to the song, any instruments/sounds added to the song, as well as a rough mix to prepare it for mixing. I can get professional high quality drums for an additional fee or leave that to you.

My gear includes:
-Universal Audio Twin Interface with UA preamps
-Studio Capture 12 channel interface
-Scarlett Focusrite 2 channel input interface
-Shure SM7b mic
-AKG C214 Condenser mic
-2 Shure SM57 mics
-Audio technica AT20 mic
-Gibson ES 335
-Fender Stratocaster American version
-Fender Telecaster American version
-Martin acoustic road series
-Takimine acoustic dreadnought
-Ibanez bass
-Midi keyboard
-Mini korg synthesizer
-Full drum kit

Universal Audio
Antares Autotune
Native Insturments
Spitifre Audio
Komplete Kontrol
Guitar Rig 6
Superior Drummer 3

  • Pop-Rock
  • Country
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Hip Hop

Nashville Vibes

Pop-female vocals
  • Nashville Vibes
  • One Job Lost
  • Heartbreak & Ecstasy
  • She's Alright
  • Remember When
  • Selfie Culture
  • Time Of Your Life
  • Better

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