Piano/vocal recording of your song for $400

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Piano/vocal recording of your song for $400

Hey there, I'm Lydia Salnikova. I've been a professional singer/musician/songwriter for 15+ years, I am a GRAMMY nominee, a Hollywood Music in Media Award nominee, and I have recorded with the likes of Kenny Rogers, Bering Strait, Sir Christopher Lee and John Ford Coley, to name a few. Over the years of my professional career, my work has been heard on such networks as ABC, CBS, NBC, CMT, Animal Planet – and even in outer space! I work in multiple genres, such as pop, rock, folk, country, alternative, dance and others.

The price includes a piano/vocal recording of your song (up to 5 minutes in length): 1 lead vocal, 1 harmony in applicable spots and piano accompaniment. Check out the SoundCloud tab to hear samples.

For recording vocals, I use: Neumann TLM103 mic and Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII mic preamp. For my piano sounds, I use Ivory by Synthogy, as well as Ravenscroft and Modern U by VI Labs.

This service covers commercial use of the recording – including TV/film use, any type of licensing, selling on iTunes, radio broadcast, etc. That said, I ask all my clients not to release, list or promote recordings under my name as artist or featured artist. While I’m proud of all work I do, I ask this simply to separate music I work on as a hired musician/singer (which varies greatly stylistically and conceptually from project to project) from music I write, produce and release as an artist.

If you need more tracks/takes/doubles/stems than what's outlined above or require more revisions, please let know and I'll be glad to accommodate your request for an additional charge.

Let me also add that this particular price only covers vocal and piano recording, so the song has to be completely finished on your end, before it gets to me – melody, lyrics and basic chords. I will need a work tape, which can be rough, as long as I can discern the melody/phrasing and the underlying chords. OR, a PDF lead sheet (score), with the melody and chords written out, would be sufficient. Finally, please provide the most up-to-date lyric sheet for me to go by, and please specify your preferred tempo.

If, however, you require any composing/writing of the melody or lyrics (topline), in addition to recording vocals and piano, please contact me for a custom quote.

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  • Folk
  • Pop
  • Rock

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