Music Production for $500

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Music Production for $500

As a musical producer I have the potential to take your idea and get the best part of it, taking it to the next level, ready to let the world knows it!.
As a session musician I take a lot of care on instrument recordings in order to have the sound as good as possible of the industry.
It is important to remark that this service is mainly for acoustic or small format. But it doesn't exclude a full production (we can renegotiate the price depending on the genre)
Revisions in this service is a guide, but it is important to mention that there's not a rule, and it depends on the song may be doesn't need that large number of revisions.
My credits are mostly from latin music, cause is the place where I live, Latin America, but it's an important fact to consider that I'm capable of produce a wide range of genres cause I'm a versatile musician and producer.
Some of the are:
- Chago (Chica Spanglish, Aguja En El Pajar, Cuando Supe Que Me Amabas, Por Ti)
- Vallenato Session (Amor Prohibido, Báilame, Pa' Olvidarte)

This price doesn't include mixing and mastering which has an additional charge.
If you want to know more of my work, you can access to my Instagram catalog @bianfa_nasare and go to the credits section on highlights.


- iMac 2017 Fusion Drive 21"
- Apollo Twin DUO
- MacBook Pro 2012 13"
- LSL Saticoy Stratocaster
- Gretsch Electromatic
- Gibson ES335
- Taylor GS5 (Acoustic Guitar)
- Mandolin Fender Series
- Fender Precision Bass 92' Corona California Series
- ART TPSII Preamp
- Kemper Profiler
- Line 6 Hx Stomp
- Multiple Guitar Pedals
- Arturia Mini Lab II
- Arturia complete Bundle VST

  • Pop
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Rock
  • R&B
  • Christian
  • Latin

Chica Spanglish - Chago

  • Chica Spanglish - Chago
  • Eres Grande - Luis Fabian ft. Malu Pomares

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