Midi Mockup Service for $180

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Midi Mockup Service for $180

I will create a recording of your piece or song that sound as if a real ensemble performed it by using some of the best tools and sample libraries.
It can be a backing track for a song, a chamber ensemble, a string ensemble, woodwind ensemble, brass ensemble or any solos as well as a symphonic orchestra.
An hybrid of orchestral and electronics will be possible, too (but it needs extra time for mixing with an additional cost - in this case you have to ask for a custom offer)

This gig includes:
- 1 minute and 30 seconds of recording if your music is a symphonic piece (full orchestra)
- 2 minuts if your music is a backing track for a song, or an ensemble smaller that 10 instruments, or any solo instrument (i.e.:piano, harp, clarinet, horn ecc. ecc.).

Simply send me your score or a midi file of your music.
You can also send me an handwritten score of you don't have your music notated on a digital file (pdf or midi)

1 revision included.
If you have any doubt, please feel free to contact me before ordering.

If your piece is less than 1:30 please contact me for a custom offer.

Thank you for your support.


Hybrid Orchestral
  • Unleashed
  • Il Conformista Suite

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