Full Song Production AND Pro Mixing for $175

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Full Song Production AND Pro Mixing for $175

I'd love to take your song to the next level. With many years of experience in the music industry, I know what it takes to bring the best out of a song. My work is simply about bringing your vision to life through production, and then enhancing all aspects of the track through my mixing process, that leaves you with a full, rich and detailed mix of the highest quality. Being a multi-instrumentalist, I am able to work in almost any genre, from folk and acoustic, to rock and r&b.

There is no real limit for the amount of tracks you can send my way. It could be only the vocal part, or many recorded parts. I am also happy to be sent many takes of the same part, and comp them together to achieve the best sound.

Lets chat and discuss your song!

Check out some examples of my work in 'audio'

  • Pop
  • Folk
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Rock
  • R&B
  • Soul

Past Life - Sample

Indie Rock/Pop - Producer and Mixing Engineer
  • Past Life - Sample
  • Homesick - Sample
  • Forever - Sample
  • so bad - Sample
  • Eyes On You - Sample

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