Song Production for $150

In Song Production By Aeron

Song Production for $150

Experienced Songwriter and Producer. I've produced with
Grammy-Nominated Producers, such as Michael Khan, Shark offs,
and Matt Kamm. I will help you capture the feeling you want
for your music.

Just give me a concept/idea for what topic you want the
song sound like, If you don't have one I can help with that,
and we'll get going.

I have a wide array of sounds at my disposal from synths, arps, percussion,
keyboard instruments, just to name a few. Lastly, you will keep 100% of the royalties!

  • Electronic
  • Trap
  • Rock
  • Hip Hop

Track Reel

I handled synths, melody creation, basslines, aswell as written the lyrics and melodies
  • Track Reel
  • Chill, Big Room Hybrid Beat
  • Lil Yatchy x Playboi Carti Style Instrumental

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