Hey my name is Aeron, I'm a Singer, Songwriter,
Rapper, and Composer in the Orlando, FL.

I've been in the space for a few years now and
I've worked with Industry-Veterans such as
Michael Khan, which has worked with Bebe Rexa
and Daniel Skye, and Zack James, of whom has
had hits in the Itunes and Beatport charts.

I can write for a genres, Rap, Rock, Pop, and
the list goes on, I can also cross vocal styles/genres
(Write a verse that is meant to be sung in one verse,
and write 16 bars to be rapped in the next, kind
of like Linkin Park's style of Rap-Rock).

My melodies are infectious and will stay in the
listener's head leaving them wanting more, and
my rapping style (influenced by acts such as
Conceited (Battle Rapper), Lil Wayne, Drake, etc)
will leave listeners like "Ohhh, I see what he did