Full production/Mixing/Mastering for $500

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Full production/Mixing/Mastering for $500

Hi, I'm a music producer based in New York City. Originally from France, I moved to the big apple nearly 10 years ago to pursue audio engineering studies (SAE). After an internship at Puremagnetik/Ableton, I quickly stepped into the professional world and started working as a freelance music producer.

As both an audio engineer and a keyboard/guitar player, I am both technically and musically inclined. I can do any style, but EDM and pop are the ones I'm the best at. I have worked on countless projects, but the most notable to date is "Miguel - Do You” which I co-produced at Platinum Sound, Wyclef Jean’s studio. I have also released some of my personal work on Defected, Hed Kandi, Wagram, and other labels.
I also have a Youtube channel where I share production tips. You can look me up by searching for Bibz Music :)


  • Pop
  • Electro/Pop

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