Full Professional Song Production for $1000

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Full Professional Song Production for $1000

I will take your song from a scratch track/work tape to a completely arranged, mixed, and mastered production for $1000/song.

I'm an independent producer located in the Nashville area, and I've build a vast array of connections with studios, session players, and engineers. Having worked with many aspiring songwriters and bands, I'm very good at seeing the vision for your music even in the most basic, stripped down scratch track, and I will use all of my resources to bring it to life!

The $1000 includes consultation, arrangement, mixing, mastering, and session musicians needed for typical modern arrangements, including drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, pianos and various synths and programming. In some cases, special arrangement requests such as orchestral, choir, or world instruments may require additional fees. Also, depending on your location and access to studio space, you or I may need to travel in order to record vocals. These travel costs would not be included in the listed fee. Whenever there may be additional costs, I will ALWAYS confirm with you before proceeding so that there no surprises.

If you have questions, please feel free to message me, and we can work out any logistics and come up with a custom offer!

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