Remote Electric Guitars for $100

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Remote Electric Guitars for $100

I'm a touring and session guitarist located in Nashville, TN. I've played guitar for a number of contemporary Christian artists including Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, Francesca Battistelli, as well as many independent artists. I specialize in wide, ethereal sounding guitar arrangements, and will give you the full spectrum of lead, rhythm, and ambient parts.

When you send me your tracks, you can give me as specific direction as you'd like for guitars, or you can rely on me for creativity.

Depending on the genre and arrangement, I use a Fender Twin and Vox AC30 with a combination of dynamic and ribbon microphones, OR Native Instruments Guitar Rig as an amp emulator. I find some producers like the sound of real amps, and others like the ease of manipulation and mixing provided by Guitar Rig.

Josiah Kreidler - Electric 1

  • Josiah Kreidler - Electric 1

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