EP Production & Recording with Top Rated Band in Top Rated Studio for $1500

In Song Production By Fede Petro

EP Production & Recording with Top Rated Band in Top Rated Studio for $1500

Are you a a singer-songwriter in need of professionally produced and recorded EP? You're on the right track.

My name is Fede and I'm a professional arranger, producer & multi-instrumentalist player based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've produced 13 albums of the best up and coming artists in South America. I work alongside amazing session musicians in one of the best equipped studios in the region (Estudio Bulo).

How will we do it?
| Pre-Production |
- We'll do a selection of your 4 best songs.
- We'll do Skype Sessions to work on the structure of the songs and talk the general esthetics of the style & audio you want for your album.
- You'll send me a basic track of your vocal / guitar&vocal
- I'll produce the songs in my studio and we'll review them until they're perfect before we send the arrangements to the musicians and go into the studio. You will get a full recorded demo of the songs so that we can picture how all the arrangements will sound together.

| Recording |
- I'll go into the studio with my trusted session musicians. Available to your for this session you'll have a Drummer/Percussionist, Bass & Upright Bass player, Pedal steel / Acordionist, Keyboard Player, 2 female back-up singers, 1 female back-up singer, Guitar / Dobro / Mandolin / Banjo / Fiddle / Harmonica player and a String trio (Cello, Violin, Viola). We'll record at Estudio Bulo with recording engineer Nacho de la Riega and his assistant. When we have the basic tracks, we will send it to you to add your instruments (Vocals, Guitars).

| Mixing |
- Mixing will be in charge of awarded & talented recording engineer Nacho de la Riega who I work with on a regular basis since 2014. Nacho has a unique musical approach to mixing.

| Mastering |
- Mastering is also in charge of Nacho de la Riega. You will also get the STEMS for future mastering adaptations you might need.

What you'll get:
A fully produced professional mixed & mastered EP.

-> Revisions:
Every stage of the process has 1 final revision. That means we will work for your complete satisfaction before we get to the revision.
By doing pre-production and delivering a fully recorded demo before going into the studio I make sure that we'll be on the right track before hitting the actual studio.

Please contact me prior to ordering to discuss your timeline and my availability.
If you have any questions or want to discuss your project, please contact me.

Estela Stier - Flowers & Crownes

Produced & arranged by me, recorded in 2018 with the band in Studio Bulo
  • Estela Stier - Flowers & Crownes
  • Mauro Meloni - Siesta

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