Rock and Pop Backing Tracks for $75

In Backing Tracks By Dan Bartage

Rock and Pop Backing Tracks for $75

Multi-Instrumentalist with over 15 years of studio experience. Over the last decade and a half, I've invested extensively in recording software and hardware. I have the latest virtual instruments from the best sound designers. The same sounds you'll hear this year in films, commercials, video games, and all genres of music.

Well versed in musical composition and the craft of songwriting. I understand the primary colors of music and how to mix them using the hues of sound, silence, conflict, and resolution. I pride myself on the quality of my work and will always look beyond the tip of my nose to ensure that your goals are met.

$25 for every 30 seconds of music. Will provide as many tracks as needed in high quality files formatted to fit your instructions.
3-5 day turnaround. Please consult if length exceeds 5 minutes.

• Komplete Ultimate, and a plethora of other plug-ins
• Melodyne 4
• Voice Live Touch
• Roland TD17 drum set
• Acoustic / Electric guitar (Martin dx1rae) and other guitars
• Cubase 9
• Yamaha MO8 Keyboard
• Rode NT1-A, Shure sm57, and other mics
• PreSonus AudioBox

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Electronic
  • Classical
  • Hip Hop
  • Folk

Silent Gun

Guitar, Brass, and Drum example
  • Silent Gun
  • Marionette (ft. Lil' Witness)
  • Boomerang

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