Podcast Editing, Podcast Mastering to Broadcast Standards for $20

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Podcast Editing, Podcast Mastering to Broadcast Standards for $20

*contact me fist if you also want to remove ums, ahs, pauses, mistakes*

Podcast editing and mastering by the author of 'Where Music Meets Technology' Podcast.

Such podcast is delivered weekly via Spreaker to platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify and it meets the required standards.

The same audio editing and mastering process will be applied to your podcast.

Process that will be applied to your audio file:
- De-clicking if needed
- Voice levelling and compression with emulation of analogue gear to add body and consistency
- Voice 'Smart' dynamic EQ to improve tonal balance
- Voice De-Essing to reduce the excessive prominence of sibilant consonants
- Voice Plosive remover to reduce the unnatural plosive thumps
- Voice Breath control to reduce the sound of breaths
- Voice Background noise reduction
- Mixing in the intro and/or outro song
- Mastering the file to the -16 LUFS standard or as close as possible
- Up to 60 minutes in length

What you will receive ?
- Your file with the chosen format and the requested improvements.

Why Me ?
- Friendly and professional service provided by someone who loves audio and tech.
- I've been working with audio for over 20 years including content and product development so I know a few tricks.

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