Vocal or Instrument fix, Pitch, Timing, etc ... (FREE pre-evaluation) for $75

In Audio Editing 100% Guarantee By Alex Baroni

Vocal or Instrument fix, Pitch, Timing, etc ... (FREE pre-evaluation) for $75

Professional Musician/Producer with over 30 years of stage/studio experience offering my professional services.

Need to put your vocal perfectly in tune and timing?
Correct tuning or timing issues in your instrument track?
Remove unwanted background noises, sounds, breaths, hums, pops from your audio tracks?
(Please note that some noises are not possible to be removed without affecting the main content of the track. Contact me to have a FREE pre-evaluation before hiring my services)

Super trained ears, super care, attention to details!

I use the best tools and plugins to do a professional level editing job. 100% guarantee!

The listed value is for 1 track under 5 minutes. If you need to edit multiple tracks please contact me for a custom offer.

Also contact me for a custom offer if you need EQs, compression, Effects, etc

I can deliver your whole song! Please take a loot at my other services:
- Professional level Guitar Tracks
- Professional Arrangements
- VSTi based tracks for multiple instruments (Drums, Bass, Strings, Brass Section, etc). Only using the best plugins in the market!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions before purchase.

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