Vocal Tuning With Melodyne at a Major LA Studio for $150

In Audio Editing By Doug Fenske

Vocal Tuning With Melodyne at a Major LA Studio for $150

GRAMMY-nominated, multi-platinum engineer (Frank Ocean, Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx, Jordin Sparks) tunes your vocals at a major Los Angeles recording studio (Rihanna, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, Imagine Dragons). Your vocal with be tuned using a unique, sophisticated combination of Melodyne and Auto-Tune in order to minimize artifacts. If maximum artifacts are desired (the famous T-Pain sound), please indicate as such. Commit to the best possible version of your creativity. One free revision is included in pricing.

I like to start with the lead vocal first. It’s the most important element in any song that is meant to be successful. Assuming the vocal has been comped, I will tune the entire lead vocal using Melodyne. Upon client’s request, I will Melodyne the background vocals too, but this process is very time-consuming and usually yields a result that is “too perfect”. For that reason, most background vocals are tuned using very specific Auto-Tune settings. For songs and sessions in which the vocal is meant to artifact (the famous T-Pain sound), I suggest that the client dials in their own Auto-Tune settings and delivers the session to me in that way. Finally, the stacked background vocals are aligned to one another, creating a tight, unanimous finished product.

Get Over You - Teen AF

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  • Get Over You - Teen AF

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